Saturday, December 01, 2007

Doing Good and Getting Noticed

“Save the World” is one of the Six Tenants of Values Based Programming I penned a few years back when taking a long range look at what factors will drive future station success. Of course saving “the world” can be literal as in big corporation's Green Plans, or more local as in your listeners’ immediate environment.

I recently learned about CHASHAMA – a New York City arts organization that supports artists of all types by converting vacant properties into galleries, studios, window performance sites, etc.

Right now I’ll bet there are malls or strip malls with an empty store or two, or maybe even an unused kiosk. Wouldn’t you and the mall be heroes if you arranged a holiday photo or kids’ art display celebrating the joys of the season in your town, or even something more ambitious like kids’ school plays or local community theatre efforts to be featured in a window performance?

Making even a small corner of the world a better place and getting noticed for doing so is a big win-win.

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