Friday, December 09, 2011

#accjms11: Smart, Passionate People Talking Radio

Fill a hotel ballroom with smart people and have them talk about a shared passion for radio for 2 ½ days and you can be guaranteed there will be good take-aways.

Here are some of mine (paraphrased) from the just-concluded Arbitron Client Conference and Jacobs Media Summit for 2011 in Baltimore.
Tripp Eldridge, President/CEO dmr
  • Social success = helping create and strengthen relationships. Connect, enhance, encourage and facilitate relationships; make the community feel special.
  • “Likes” are like cume. Engagement is like TSL.
  • Games can develop community. Community is what drives success.
Glenn Enoch, VP/Integrated Research ESPN
  • Two of ESPN’s seven cross-platform principles: New media creates new strata of users; Best platform at the moment.
  • A heavy user of one platform tends to be heavy users of others.
Edison Research/ Melissa DeCesare, VP
  • Moms balance traditional and modern media. 89% listened to radio in past week, 53% learn about new music first on radio (vs. 29% on Internet; 9% on TV), 60% would keep smart phone and give up TV if they could only have one.
Edison Research/Larry Rosin, President
  • In-car landscape is increasingly complex; the good news is cars don’t turn over quickly. Traffic information is being attacked by emerging technologies. Does/should radio care?
David Lebow, President/Revenue, Group Commerce, Inc.
  • There is no such thing as deal fatigue.
  • Radio Brands have e-commerce assets including the size of audience, brand trust, strong local voice and relationships with advertisers.
  • Relevance runs amok when there’s no targeting.
Warren, Kurtzman, President, Coleman Insights; Bill Rose, SVP Marketing, Arbitron; Philippe Generali, President/CEO RCS & Media Monitors
  • 93% of the lead-in audience is there at the end of a stop set (not necessarily the same listeners; includes listeners coming to the station during the commercial set as well as leaving it).
  • Commercial free sweeps may help the brand over time more vs. in the moment performance.

Michael Sheehan, CEO, Hill Holliday
  • Technology may be changing the game but people love great stories.
  • Radio needs to make music relevant – radio needs to re-assert itself as the relevant medium of discovery.
  • Relevance is the secret to sustained success. It’s the fuel to how far your content will travel.
Bob Pittman, Chairman of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Platforms
  • We need to tell our story better. If buyers don’t understand the value of radio, we’re doomed.
  • Don’t let advertisers 'test' radio with sub par reach and frequency. Have the courage to tell people they're not spending enough to be successful.
  • Radio is the beacon for the tribe
James Cridland/Managing Director Media UK
  • Radio Brands are fragmented making it hard for journalists to write about radio whereas it’s easy to call Pandora who’ll be happy to tell you why radio is dead. 
  • Improve the Internet look and feel. Radio needs to make the user experience look better, cooler. 
  • Multi-platform is the right platform. 
  • Why didn’t radio protect word ‘radio’ – Pandora isn’t radio. We failed to educate our audience that Pandora isn’t radio, it’s a music collection. 
  • The only reason commercials are annoying is that they’re not relevant.
Ed Schultz/MSNBC’s “The Ed Show
  • First question: is this talent killer-competitive.
  • Can they sell? Can they make listeners react and want what you’re selling? Can they sell themselves?
  • How connected with the clients are the talent? How often do they update their pages, site, feeds, etc.?
  • Expand your brand. Don’t let the show be small.“
  • Ideas are to be cultivated by people in authority.”
Jeff Pulver Chairman/Founder and creator of the #140 Character Conference  
  • New media would like to have the audience of old media. “Now media:” fusion old and new media.
  • Social media teaches you how to interact; you connect with people – like radio.
  • If you don’t know something, anything and everything is possible.
Jim Farley, VP/News & Programming WTOP/Washington, DC
  • Listeners are always telling us what they want. Check what’s trending and talk about it instead of boring things and when there’s nothing going on.
  • WTOP itself is only one vehicle to deliver the brand.
  • Don’t give up on HD. It’s coming. HD icons on the dash board are going to save our ass.
Ron Rodrigues, Arbitron Marketing, Arbitron Radio
  • Political consultants know that their campaigns can be more effective if their media buys target likely voters, or voters of a political persuasion. That’s a great advantage for radio and all of its formats. Each of them represent a lifestyle, and a such each of them represent a distinct group of voters that would be of interest to one political campaign or another.
  • Candidates can target voting lifestyles by format.
  • Spoken word formats represent the most enthusiastic voters. Opportunity for music formats: wider spectrum of voters, register-to-vote, GOTV efforts.
Walter Sabo, COO Merlin Media
  • The biggest competitor is our own audience.  (A child in school) can make a video and show to the world without anyone’s permission. And it’s free.  And they can get 10-million views in a day.
  • A computer is there to interact with. If entertainment isn’t interactive, it’s dull. Media is designed to be social.
  • The secret of digital business is nobody knows anything. Just hit refresh. Don’t worry about analogue things like what song goes next to another. Just hit refresh.
  • Sell radio’s biggest number.
  • Make listeners co-conspirators.
  • Experiment.
 Charlie Sislen, Partner, Research Director, Inc.
  • Finding places where you station does not meet format benchmarks can help you focus on ways to grow TSL.

Attend and have some take-aways you'd like to add?

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