Saturday, March 31, 2012

Increasing Listener Engagement One Can of Coke at a Time

Want some topical inspiration?

Have a Coke.

Coke's special ‘Carpe Diem’ cans can promote causes (like Coke’s World Wildlife Fund or Diet Coke’s heart health awareness cans) or capture the spirit of the moment (Santa and snowflake cans). 

Often the packaging is part of an integrated marketing effort (this one for the Final Four is part of a Coke Zero ‘watch and win’ promotion). 

Coke knows a lot about its consumers. 

Beyond promoting a contest or a cause (watch how Coke’s Sr. VP/Integrated Marketing, Communications and Capabilities describes Coca-Cola’s vision of engagement and responsibility here), cans like these also subtly reinforce Coke’s relevance. The packaging says, ‘you’re interested in this and so are we.’

Taking a cue from Coke, the days leading up to the ACMs (or the CMAs, Memorial Day or any event that our listeners are interested in), are perfect times to show that we’re excited about what our listeners are excited about.  

Over the course of a year, how many different "Coke cans" can we create and, in doing so, engage our fans and demonstrate our shared enthusiasm?

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