Friday, July 19, 2013

How Many “Web Gems” Were There On Your Show Today?

I love the All Star Game and Home Run Derby, but I’m glad baseball is back tonight. “Taters” and “Web Gems.” Bring ‘em on.

Web Gems – for a long time an ESPN/Baseball Tonight staple conceived in 2000 and now a part of the vernacular for any great bit of glove work – featured the10 best defensive plays of the day. Nothing ordinary - or even above average - was ever a Web Gem.

You made it to Web Gems because your play was over-the-top better than anything anyone else did that day.

Being in the top 10 was an accomplishment considering on any given night in Major League Baseball there could be as many as 810 outs (30 teams playing x 27 outs per team).

In any given market during any given daypart, there could be about the same number of breaks (say 10 in an hour x 4 hours x 20 radio stations or about 800).

If there was a radio version of Web Gems – the best 10 breaks of the day – how many breaks from your show would be featured?

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