Sunday, February 10, 2008

A "Taylor"-Made Reminder

I’m always excited when our artists receive national exposure, so I was thrilled to see Taylor Swift appear in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal (February 9-10, 2008). She not only had a great photo on the front page, but also a second photo and a near half-page in the weekend section.

The story was less about the music Swift makes, and more about the music she consumes.

Like many young music fans, Ms. Swift makes most of her music discoveries online, where she jumps among music categories on iTunes. ‘I’m definitely a country artist and proud of it,’ she says. ‘But I don’t think genres are going to be a huge part of how we categorize music in the future.’

While it’s interesting to read Taylor’s comments on five of her recent downloads (Keith Urban was the only country act), to me the take away is yet another reminder of the real-life way music is discovered and consumed by so many in our cume.

The Wall Street Journal ‘gets’ this and provides a link where you can listen to clips of Swift’s personal playlist.

What is your station doing to demonstrate you ‘get’ it, too?

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