Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Random Observations from a "Super" Afternoon of Football

OK, baseball not football is my game. Still, watching the Colts and the Saints on a TV far, far, from home, these jumped out at me …

Play hard all 60 minutes.

• Down 10-0 as the underdogs, it would have been easy for the Saints to succumb to the “Oh well, we’re the underdog anyway…” One phase/month/week/show does not make you a winner (or loser). Have a plan for your whole game. Unconventional thinking can lead to powerful plans.

Take a risk and then pursue.

• The Saints’ onside kick to start the second half would have been long forgotten (or criticized) if New Orleans hadn’t put the ball in the end zone on that drive. Whether you create opportunities or simply identify them, recognize the importance of pursuit and go all out to capitalize on them. Often the difference between recklessness and brilliance is the quality of the pursuit of an opportunity.

Immediately respond to an opponent’s score with one of your own.

• Any points you can put on the board immediately after a competitor scores disproportionally diminishes his gains.

Know who you’re doing it for.

• Nearly 4 ½ years after Katrina, the Saints were playing for more than themselves (at least in the minds of their fans) – and THAT’s important.

Trust your marquis players.

• Drew Brees at one point completed 10 straight passes tying a Big Game record. Empower your best people.

Limit your mistakes.

• Your opponent taking it from you is one thing; helping them to take it from you is another. Consider your best and worst case scenarios when planning. Anything need adjusting? And if something changes unexpectedly, take a moment to reassess the situation before proceeding.

Every play (break) matters.

• How many games have you seen turn on a single play? Momentum is a factor. How can you/your team keep or change the momentum so that it’s in your favor?

Step up and Lead.

• Any doubts that Drew Brees is a leader too? And how about Sean Payton? Can you be an unconventional problem solver?

I’m glad that I was one of the 106.-million that watched a great game. And now more good news! It’s just 10 days to pitchers and catchers. 

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