Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CRS 2011: What Will You Take Away?

CRS, the Country Radio Seminar, is one of the great learning conventions. The 2011 agenda has relevant sessions no matter where you are on the “experience continuum.”

Have a conversation about CRS and it won't be long before the discussion turns to a specific panel, keynote or take-away that had a positive impact on the attendees job performance or perhaps even life experience.

One of the most memorable and meaningful sessions I've attended was Lou Holtz’ 1997 riveting keynote, “What’s Important Now.” Whether you're pursuing a personal (improving your life) or professional goal (like meeting a deadline, coaching talent, moving your station forward, or working to deliver the highest possible quality product), doing "What's Important Now" is a simple yet powerful plan of action that keeps you focused on achievement.

I’ve been inspired by Lou’s speech for years. That hour alone was worth the entire trip and I'm so glad I didn't miss it.

I hope you don’t miss CRS 2011. I also hope you don’t miss the discount rate of $399 which is good through Friday. After that it will cost you $100 more - which is still a bargain.

Finally, in the CRS spirit of sharing, I hope you'll leave a comment about a Seminar experience that still resonates with you.


Ray Massie said...

Randy Owen challenging us to meet the needs of St. Jude's is one. Can't remember the speaker, but the message was that we are not the center of the universe. This was the comedian who described losing a job at a hospice by depressing the patients.

Paul Moore said...

Well, I was blown away by Ray Massie's facebook presentation and ALL the goings on at A&O's pre-event on Tuesday. I'm taking notes on the ol blackberry and emailing them back to our crew. Nothing compares to CRS. No other format offers anything like it! Now, I'm off to make more connections. If you see me with my flash mic be sure to stop me and give me a sound bite.
Paul Orr (Paul Moore on air)
Q93 Knoxville