Friday, June 03, 2011

Your New Favorite Filter?

Here’s a filter to get a fast read on value of something: ask, “Does Anybody Care?” 

One PD and I use this filter all the time. For the most part, items that pass the filter get on the air. Things that get a “Nobody cares,” don’t.

In our filter, “Nobody cares” is defined as unremarkable, lacking the ability to grab attention, or generate demand/tune-in, or create word of mouth.  Our definition also includes ambivalence or indifference, or that most people don’t care about this element to the degree they might care about something similar or as much as they care about another element in the same category.

“Nobody cares” elements may seem neutral, but they’re not.  They dilute the passion for your brand and are an invitation for listeners to seek out something they do care about. Too many "Nobody Cares" elements risk turning your station into a “negative brand.”
The purpose of a filter is to remove undesirable particles or keep them from mingling with the final product.
Try this one on your music, the break you’re about to do, a promotion you’re running, something you’re about to tease, or a long-standing element on your show.
“Does Anybody Care” is a tough filter, but it's effective and just might become your favorite.

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rkelley said...

Great blog! Throw out the "who cares" like yesterday's coffee grounds!