Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A 6-Point Slogan Filter (Inspired by a Porta-Potty)

What do you make of this as a slogan/positioning statement for a portable restroom? 

Posted inside the door, I wasn’t sure what my takeaway for “Experience the Difference” was supposed to be.

I’m sure it made sense to the company but, as an end (no pun intended) user, I’m left uncertain.

Perhaps an extended stay or repeat trips would have helped me to understand. But often, as in this case, there was only one, quick chance to make an impact.

With less confusing communication as the goal, here’s my six-point filter for slogans, positioning statements and phrases to connect products with prospects:

“A simple (don’t expect me to figure it out), differentiating statement (of something unique and important to me) that cuts through (reaches and resonates), is attributable (won’t be confused with another brand), makes sense (is believable) to the target, and has stickiness (memorability).” 

Back to my “porta-position.” How about, “(Company) always has a great seat just when you need it.”

Too much?

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