Friday, April 19, 2013

Sharing the Love: Connecting with Listeners by Expressing Passion for the Music

“Lovin’ on the Music” is a phrase we use at one station group to remind ourselves that we need to regularly demonstrate our passion for music just as our listeners do.

That we remind ourselves of this is both deliberate and strategic.

We remind ourselves because we recognize the distractions that come with working at a promotionally active station with content-filled shows and high profile personalities.

We also remind ourselves to love on the music so that we don’t fall victim to a ‘been there/done that’ attitude, or become blasé about our product while are fans are so excited about it.

We’ve already heard the newest music.  We’ve seen every act – from newcomers to superstars – in concert, often more than once. We’ve photo-opped with the stars and had drinks with them on their tour busses.

A&O&B did a quick poll of programmers and listeners the day after the ACMs.  Compared to Programmers and Talent, listeners rated nearly every aspect of the awards show higher – in several instances significantly higher.

  • In rating the show overall, three times as many listeners as Talent and Programmers rated the show a “5" on a 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) scale.
  • On the hosts, nearly four times as many listeners rated Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan a ”5” as did Programmers and Talent
  • Listeners were more enthusiastic about the speeches and even the sets while being less critical of who won what award and the technical issues.

As professionals, we’re excellent at, of course, “professional opinions.”

Listeners meanwhile are experts at “Lovin’ on the Music.” 

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