Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The NAB Crystal: One of Radio's Most Special Awards

I’m a fan of meaningful awards (meaningful being the key word). 

Ideally, they showcase the ‘best of the best,’ those who have risen above their peers. And as such, they not only shine in the spotlight themselves, they give the industry they represent that same opportunity as well.

Country is coming off a great night of awards Sunday; the Academy of Country Music Awards Show was a record setter in terms of audience.

Today the Country Music Hall of Fame announced three inductees.

A number of stations and personalities won awards at February’s Country Radio Seminar, April's ACMs, and last year's CMAs.

Terrific awards, all of them and a heart-felt ‘well-done’ to the winners and inductees.

Yesterday a special award was presented in Las Vegas: The NAB Crystal Award. The Crystal recognizes radio stations for their “outstanding year-round commitment to community service.”

Let that just sink in for a minute. 

Not once or twice a year, but year-round.

Not a special ratings or revenue-generating sales promotion, but something a station does freely with no expectations of financial or ratings gain. It’s something that when undertaken says, "We believe we live in a great community, among equally great people, and we want to use our resources to improve and enhance life here for all."

The Crystal is certainly one of the ‘meaningful’ awards. 

Congratulations to this year’s NAB Crystal Award winners including country stations KUZZ/Bakersfield and WYCT/Pensacola.

You make our industry and format proud. 

Read an earlier blog about the advantages of entering your station in an awards competition here.

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