Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pressed for Time: A&O&B Quick Links

It’s rare to talk to a GM, OM or PD who isn’t pressed for time.  

Perhaps why this post from Seth Godin caught my eye: running out of time is a euphemism for "it wasn’t important enough."

I’ll bet if we polled 100 programmers and talent, most would place "their show" or "what’s on the air" at or near the top of their "This Is Important" list. And what listeners hear would be a daily reflection of this list.

But, things happen. 

Which is why it's imperative to regularly step back and make sure what's most important is actually getting done.

If you want some radio-centric time management tips, A&O&B has some. 

Read Jaye Albright's recent blog about "near-time" time management here. A while back I posted a piece on having a long plan as well as a daily list;  read that here. If you're needing help re-engaging in show prep, you'll want to read this from Becky Brenner.

Paraphrasing Thomas Edison, avoid being "consumed by the urgent at the expense of the important." 

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