Thursday, February 24, 2011

CRS 2011: Art of the Schmooze

The two parts of CRS I love the most: 1) the learning/sharing part and 2) the connecting with people I know and didn't previously know part.

New or veteran attendee, the first part is easy. The agenda here or cool new app for your Android here or iPhone here offers you plenty of learning and sharing opportunities.

And (shameless plug here), you can also check out the agenda for Albright & O'Malley's pre-CRS Seminar here beginning at 12:30pm Tuesday and ending in plenty of time for you to make the Country Radio Hall of Fame Dinner. It’s a great addition to your CRS experience and if you haven’t registered to attend yet you should NOW by emailing me or Jaye Albright .

Now, for the connecting with people part.

If you a natural at meeting and engagine with people, you can skip the following links. But if you need some encouragement in the ‘business schmooze” department, here are a few links.

Master the Mingle

Mingle Like a Pro

How to Mingle and Make Small Talk

Show Them What You Know and Who You Are

How to Introduce Yourself to Someone You’ve Never Met

I really hope to see you at CRS 2011. And I hope our first meeting will be at A&O’s pre-CRS Seminar Tuesday at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Jaye and I would love to meet you, talk radio, and enjoy CRS with you.

Try out yor new schmooze skills. Or just use the fact that you read this blog as your icebreaker. ;->

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