Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Albright & O’Malley's Pre-CRS Seminar Lineup Announced. Wow!

I hope you’ll bet at CRS 2011 in Nashville March 2-4. It’s a great agenda so come prepared to learn and share.

And if you’re in Nashville Tuesday, March 1 (hopefully to attend the Country Radio Hall of Fame Dinner –yes it WILL be a special one), I hope you’ll join us earlier in the day for Albright &O’Malley’s annual “Seminar before the Seminar.” We’ll get underway at 12:30 at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Each year A&O puts together a lineup of industry leaders as well as those outside of radio to share their thoughts, often in never-before-seen presentations.

Here’s what’s in store for you this year:

Paul Jacobs of Jacobs Media will present the Arbitron/Jacobs Media Study, “Goin’ Mobile,” an ethnographic research project revealing how Americans use and are engaged with mobile devices. Through a series of video interviews, listeners reveal how their smartphones have become part of their daily lives, the degree to which their smartphones have impacted their consumption of other media including radio, the critical reasons why smartphones have gone from the “next big thing” to the “most essential thing,” and how the future of mobile devices will impact us all. Segments will be shown that weren't available when "Goin' Mobile" debuted at the Radio Show in 2010.

Larry Rosin, President of Edison Research, has presented his company’s American Youth Study 2010 to wide acclaim, The study, in conjunction with Radio-Info.com, surveyed the media habits of America’s 12-24 year olds. Now, for the first time ever, Larry will look at young country fans and reveal how they see radio’s role in music discovery, the impact of Pandora, how new competitors have changed their radio listening habits, what new challenges lie on the horizon, and more. This is a must-see.

Townsquare Media/A&O’s Ray Massie will present a social media workshop, “Facebook--The Freeway of Love.” Most anyone over 16 can use a freeway or Facebook. But like a 16 year old with a new driver’s license, crashes, near misses, and the flashing red lights of the Highway Patrol are part of most stations experience. Ray will show you what to post, how to post, and the secret algorithm formula Facebook uses to determine what appears in the newsfeed which will boost your ratings--if you find the right ramp.

In a different take on Facebook, Talent Coach Tommy Kramer will present a session called, "The Truth about Phone Calls, Facebook, and Twitter." Phone calls. Facebook. Twitter. You Tube. A little of each goes a long way, and the answer to "how much is too much?" is "less than you think." Tommy will show you what the difference is between reaching out to listeners...or trying to fit a bowling ball through a straw.

Jaye Albright will open the event by presenting the findings from Albright & O’Malley’s 6th annual “Roadmap Study 2011” – the nationwide, online poll of country radio listeners’ perceptions on music, the station of country radio and more. The study is currently in the field in over 50 markets in the US and Canada.

Mike O’Malley will conduct a one-on-one discussion with Tennessee Republican Committee Chairman  Chris Devaney, about what radio can learn from political strategists. Topics will include building grass roots support, focusing on the few core issues that may define a campaign or candidate, the art of words/speech making, using social media, attracting attention and more.

And of course there will be music! Our sponsor UMG/Nashvlle, will present Kip Moore and Randy Montana who will close the event.

If you’re in radio and attending CRS (and not in a competitive A&O market – sorry!), you’re invited to join us. It’s free, but you will need an invitation. Just let Jaye (jaye@albrightandomalley.com) or me (mike@albrightandomalley.com) that you’d like to attend.

The Country Radio Seminar is all about sharing knowledge and ideas. So is A&O’s pre-CRS seminar.

I’m excited about them both!

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